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Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Services

Holistic Support and Healing

Ayurveda is a  traditional form of health/self care that truly holds holistic care in its core. Seasonal diets, bodywork, essential oils, herbs and yoga are all utilized in this form of powerful medicine. When combining it with doula support services, parents can expect a well rounded approach to care and healing.


  • In-home Postpartum Support - includes ayurvedic meal prep for specific portions of the postpartum period, as well as herbal support, bodywork support, lactation support and general household support. 

  • Postpartum Care Team Training - this is a great option to get your care team on the same page prior to the birth. Postpartum care teams (ie birthing person, partners, family members and/or friends) can expect a 3 hour training session offered by yours truly. Care teams will be supplied with ayurvedic postpartum herbs & spices, personal oil blends, and an ayurvedic postpartum guide for later reference. Also includes email/text support as needed during the first 42 days. 

  • Postpartum Care Package - this care package includes herbs, new mama spice blend and oil blend as well as starter recipes for the first 6 weeks.


(Please click the get in touch button below to inquire on prices and details of packages)

Perinatal Yoga

Enliven & Build Strength

Growing a human or recovering from birth can call for a yoga practice custom tailored to your needs and mental states? Would you like to work on cultivating a practice that works for you in a private setting?  Skilled and intelligent sequencing to enliven the spirit and build strength, as well as sensitivity to chronic pain, injuries and/or trauma are all considered in the crafting of sessions.


  • Private 60 Minute Sessions- can work on rebuilding or strengthening the core as well as pelvic floor strengthening or rehab for birthing person

  • Parent and Baby Yoga Sessions- to assist with recovery/healing of the birthing person as well as incorporate the facilitation of developmental milestones for the newborn 

(Birthing stories and past experiences will all be considered in crafting of sessions - please click the get in touch button below to schedule a session)

Yoga Stretches
Kids in the Garden

Private Pediatric OT & 
Consultation Sessions

Support & Intervention

Confused about different stages of development and how to support your growing child? Perhaps you are also interested and overwhelmed with what public services you are eligible for. If you are curious on how to help yourself or a loved one through a period of transition and you need a professional to collaborate and discuss with, this is your service. Knowing that healthcare & public support systems can be overwhelming, please reach out to book a private OT consultation and/or therapy session.


  • Private OT 60 Minute Sessions-this includes an intro meeting where concerns are expressed and goals for treatments are crafted. Given my garden therapy background, outdoor settings are utilized  and emphasized in OT treatments when possible. 

(My OT Masters Thesis: "The Therapeutic Effects of the Outdoors on Youth Living with Various Disabilities") 

  • Consultation Services- text, phone, email or in-person support are all considered in this service to best meet the needs of ones busy life. This can include linking up with other service providers to offer a more holistic approach to an overarching treatment plan. 

(Please click get in touch button below to schedule a complimentary intro call) 

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