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The Power of Ceremony

Today I held a special yoga ceremony for a good friend of mine in honor of her upcoming marriage. The power of sisterhood during this event was thick and enlivened my spirit. Everyone felt moved as I witnessed tears and and happiness glide over the group. Why do I believe so deeply in a yoga ceremonies?

When I go to a yoga class, I feel that it is my time for connection, prayer and somatic release. I move emotions through my body and heart that I can not so easily move through my mind conceptually. In modern day times, we are flooded with images, concepts, information, and words. Over the years, I have realized that movement is how I connect to spirit.

My question to you is how do you connect? What makes you feel grounded and centered? What are the ceremonies you cherish, but haven't named? Some may say that their cup of coffee in the morning as they sit and read a book before they shower, is their holy ceremony. If you are drawing a blank on what your daily ceremony is, big or small, think about how you can create that for yourself. Please share thoughts, ideas and wisdom of how you bring or could bring ceremony into your daily life.

~May we all move in beauty~