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Testimonials from My Clients

Upside Down

At the beginning of our journey to have my son (age 4) evaluated for autism and sensory issues, I had no idea where to begin. It was pandemic times and I was hitting dead ends and long waitlists in trying to find an OT to help, especially who provided in-person services. A woman I know referred me to DeeDee, who at the time was living in Northern California (I am in LA). Deedee was willing to consult with me remotely. During our consultation I felt completely heard and understood, and came out feeling much less confused and alone. Deedee gave me some wonderful tools.  She pointed me in the direction of a great resource I could use to approach some of the sensory issues we were struggling with on my own, while we waited for in-person services. I was and am still so grateful. 



I had the honor of having my first baby with the support of Deedee Levine's doula services. She was an amazing person to have by my side. She was there to help me navigate my journey of birth and the many different turns it took. There was never judgement or shame from Deedee in my decisions or push back for going a different way than my birth plan. She helped to create a peaceful and present environment. She was not only there for me but my partner as well, allowing him to be able to process this exciting, yet scary time. I would recommend her anyone that wants to have such a calm presence in the room with them. Made my experience one of joy and love.



          "In 2013, our second daughter was born and diagnosed with a rare skull deformation called craniosynostosis.  She was 3 months old when she had surgery to correct this issue. As parents, we were scared as we watched and waited hoping and praying that her development would not be impaired.  

           When our daughter was one, Deedee noticed that she was hesitant. Something was off - neither I nor my husband had noticed this. Nicely, and without eliciting fear or anxiety, Deedee told us to, 'maybe order a  trampoline' it is great for development and she left it at that. From that point on our daughter was fine. Two years later we were cleaning out our playroom and I told my husband to put away the trampoline. It was big and bulky and annoying really. Less than a month after we put it away, a teacher noticed that our daughter was tilting her head during class. She was trying to focus and was often off balance. We saw Deedee again at Passover and she too noticed our daughter's head tilt. She told us that we may want to have her practice core exercises and test her vision because of the symptoms. We told Deedee about the trampoline and we put it all together. The trampoline had been helping our daughter with her core -- Deedee had keenly noticed the issue from the moment our daughter started walking.

          Two eye surgeries later...our daughter is thriving! We practice our core skills constantly and the annoying bulky trampoline is back in our playroom. But most importantly Deedee taught us how to deal with issues from a place of love and not fear. She created a personalized plan to help our daughter from across the country. She was our nurse and our therapist when we needed her most. We feel lucky to have her in our lives."


laura pic.png

I don’t know if there are enough words of praise to express how appreciative I am for all of Deedee’s knowledge, compassion, wisdom, guidance, support and solutions. She is truly a gem and if only my entire healthcare team could be as solution oriented as she is! I hired deedee for prenatal and postpartum support and it was honestly invaluable. Every question I had about my pregnancy and the ups and downs of it, she had suggestions, information and always helped me reframe the situation into one of empowerment. That is a true skill and the most useful one for a new mama. She not only provided me with various suggestions or recommendations at every turn, both prenatal and postpartum, but she also helped me tune into my intuition and begin to hone it and trust it. After I had my beautiful but little son (5lbs 13oz), she was there every step of the way, helping me to nourish him and make him healthy. Deedee was the only healthcare professional that spotted his lip tie and his underbite and was able to help support me during breastfeeding. I suffered a lot during the first 2 months of breastfeeding and Deedee was there every step of the way to suggest new remedies and solutions. She was also the only one to recognize my breast pain as vasospasms and help me get that under control in just days. Her knowledge is endless. Her compassion as well and her ability to problem solve and think outside of the box while at the same time, helping you to normalize everything you are experiencing and not to feel alone, is just pure magic.



"I have known Deedee as an Occupational Therapy student, OT, and now a healing yoga teacher. Her grace, vibrant energy, and understanding of nature allows everyone in her presence to feel calm and accepted. She recently did a heart opening yoga session for me and my close friends at a blessing. It was so moving, not just for me but for the other ladies who were there as well. Her instruction is soft and subtle, yet powerful and effective. Her expertise in anatomy and empathy for those who have had an injury or trauma makes the experience educational, emotional, and transforming. I highly recommend at least meeting Deedee and from there you will know that you will want her to help you at any moment in your life."



"I've had the extreme pleasure of working with Deedee Levine for years in the world of gardening and education. Deedee is hands down the warmest, most caring person I know and has the special gift of putting people at ease. Deedee is so wonderful with verbal instruction as well as knowing exactly when and how to use a soft guiding touch to work and guide the body. From the yoga floor, to digging a garden bed she is the best teacher; patient, caring, and deeply in tune with physical movement. Deedee is my personal rock and mentor and I highly recommend this amazing professional."


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